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Brazilian Army Strategic Programs

21st Century

The Brazilian Army Strategic Programs (PEE) are the great vectors of Brazilian Army transformation, providing new capabilities to it, enabling the fulfillment of its constitutional mission, notably society defense, through the generation of power and the appreciation of the human dimension.

In order to achieve the established objectives, Brazilian Army created Army Projects Office (EPEx), in 2010, whose mission is to manage, supervise and coordinate the Army's Strategic Projects.

In addition to fulfilling the missions established in the constitution, strategic programs also deliver other benefits to society. Whether promoting social peace, generating jobs or increasing research, development and innovation, they promote the Army alignment with the demands of the new times, contributing to the expansion of the capacity through the projection of power in the military, scientific, technological and economic fields.

Brazilian Army Strategic Portfolio is composed of thirteen strategic programs:

Armored Forces ARMORED FORCES - The Armored Forces Strategic Program aims to obtain armored vehicles on wheels and on caterpillars, including their subsystems, such as weapons and communications systems. To read more, visit:

Astros 2020 ASTROS 2020 - The ASTROS 2020 Strategic Program aims to provide long-range fire support, with high precision and lethality. To read more, visit:

Aviation AVIATION - The Strategic Aviation Program has the purpose of regulating the necessary measures to keep the Army Aviation updated, in view of the modern means and existing forms of combat. To read more, visit:

Air Defense AIR DEFENSE - This Program aims to acquire modern means of Air Defense and its nationalization, allowing the Brazilian Army to fulfill a mission in the defense of forces, installations or areas strategic. To read more, visit:

CYBER SECURITY CYBER SECURITY - with the aim of coordinating and integrating the efforts of the vectors dedicated to cyber defense, the Cyber Security Center (CDCiber) was created, responsible for conducting activities related to this sector of strategic importance for National Defense. The National Defense Strategy assigns the Army to lead Cyber Security actions within the Armed Forces. To read more, visit:

LUCERNE LUCERNE - This Program aims to transform the Army's Intelligence System (SIEx) through the modernization of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) structure, by updating the teaching of Military Intelligence (MI) and by improving the intelligence structures aimed at obtaining and data analysis. To read more, visit:

OCOP OBTAINING FULL OPERATIONAL CAPACITY - Its purpose is to fill the Army's capacity gaps by obtaining and modernizing Military Employment Systems and Materials, primarily with the Defense and Security Industrial Base, aiming at increasing logistical interoperability between the Forces, improving the combatant individual and collective equipment and the effectiveness of logistical support of land military assets. To read more, visit:

Protected Amazon PROTECTED AMAZON - Program that aims to promote the development and preservation of the Amazon region, as well as the protection of its border, promoting its integration with other regions of the country. In this context, Iit seeks to expand and enhance the Army's presence in this area, especially along the Brazilian borders, as a necessary condition for achieving these objectives. To read more, visit:

PAtrol Sentinel PATROL SENTINEL - This Strategic Program is a set of sub-programs, projects and complementary actions, aimed at implementing, reorganizing, adapting and improving the structure of the Military Organizations in all strategic areas of Brazilian territory. To read more, visit:

MILITARY OPERATING SYSTEM MILITARY OPERATING SYSTEM – This is a structuring Strategic Program that aims to contribute to the modernization of Military Operational System and to the improvement of Information Technology Governance, which are included in the Army Strategic Plan. To read more, visit:

MILITARY LOGISTICS MILITARY LOGISTICS - Program that aims to train the new system of Military Logistics in the forecast, provision, maintenance and reversal of the means and services necessary for the execution of logistic functions in different employment situations and in an effective way. To read more, visit:

EDUCATION, CULTURE AND SPORTS SYSTEM - the implementation of this program aims to establish the Army Education and Culture System based on the competencies of the military professionals of the Knowledge Era, necessary for the performance of the positions and functions resulting from the Transformation. In this context, the educational system must adapt to the characteristics of the new generation, using technology to benefit the teaching-learning process, offering continuous professional qualification and improvement and encouraging critical thinking and innovation culture. To read more, visit:

Source: Army's TV Channel - Youtube.