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Air Defense and National Sovereignty

Since 2006

It is noticeable in the current international situation that the aerospace military power is one of the most important elements within the theater of operations. In this scenario, Anti-Aircraft Defense, being a high-capacity deterrent aimed for this domain, becomes a fundamental component for the country’s defense and sovereignty.

Through this understanding, Brazilian Army Military Engineering has acted with an increasing focus on its several strategic programs. Among these, we can highlight the Anti-Aircraft Defense Program, which, roughly speaking, aims to acquire modern means of Anti-Aircraft Defense, in addition to its nationalization. Furthermore, it intends to equip units and subunits with the most modern in this defense segment, enabling Brazilian Army to fulfill its mission in the defense of facilities and strategic areas in an even more effective way.

There are many benefits generated by the Anti-Aircraft Defense Program, among them: the mastery of critical anti-aircraft defense technologies; training for combat in the broad spectrum; increasing the defense capacity of strategic structures; contribution to airspace monitoring; increasing interoperability among services; contribution to the expansion of exchanges and partnerships with the national scientific-technological sector; and the strengthening of the Security and Defense Industrial Base.

As a contribution of Military Engineering to the Anti-Aircraft Defense Program, it is the development of a radar family, result of a fruitful partnership with National Defense Industry. One of these radars is SABER M60 which is a three-dimensional search and surveillance radar, developed for low-altitude anti-aircraft defense, capable of processing 40 simultaneous targets and classifying fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircrafts.

Another outstanding radar is SABER M200, which is characterized by being a multi-mission radar for medium height, three-dimensional air defense, and that uses electronic scanning technology for detection and monitoring of aircraft.

Brazil is the only country in Latin America to have such technology, being one of the few countries in the world to master it. Finally, through joint developments with the National Defense Industry, Military Engineering has been promoting science, technology and innovation. Thus, contributing to the increase in the deterrence capacity against possible threats to the territory and, consequently, projecting Brazilian Army and Brazil internationally.

Source: Army's photo collection..
Source: Army's photo collection..
Source: Army's photo collection..
Source: Army's photo collection..
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