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Source: IME's photo collection.
Source: IME's photo collection.

IME's Historical Uniform


The oldest documents about soldiers' uniforms in Brazil refer to the two royal dragons companies from “Minas Geraes” dating back to the 18th century. It is possible to notice that the troops' uniforms since that period are important marks of military formation. Despite this, throughout military history, uniforms have undergone changes in order to meet the needs of the troops, as well as to adapt to new technologies and innovations in textile products for the Armed Forces.

In military engineering, uniforms also represent important historical aspects. For this reason, in order to draw attention to its historical importance, the First Uniform of Engineering Military Institute (IME), whose mission is to train, graduate and post-graduate personnel in the scientific-technological field and to cooperate, with teaching and researching, for the Brazilian Army progress, is considered the institution's historical school uniform.

This mythical garment, inspired by the Imperial Corps of Military Engineers' uniform from 1852, reflects the sense of respect and recognition for those who preceded us in the mission of military engineering.

Another important detail about IME's uniform is the presence of the blue and black coat, which is similar to the one worn by the Cadets from Brazilian Army Military Academy (AMAN). The embroidered castle on its sleeves represents Engineering, while the embracing branches represent Science and Technology

Approved by the Brazilian Army Commander Ordinance No. 1772, dated June 14th, 2022, this uniform embodies the mystique and historical trajectory of Military Engineering. For decades, the institutional symbol of the IME, offered to the authorities and delegations on official visits, is the "Soldier of Technology", who appears in the uniform of the Imperial Corps of Engineers, proudly carrying IME's historic ensign.

As a mark of IME's history, the uniform is an important symbol of military traditions, as well as evoking the centuries-old traditions of our troops of engineers, who throughout their trajectory kept alive the peculiar mystique of military engineering.

Source: Brazilian Army Uniform Manual.
Foto de alunos uniformizados com uniforme histórico do IME
Source: IME's photo collection.
Source: Youtube.

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