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Source: IME's photo collection.

The Military Engineering and the TV set in Brazil.

60's and 70's

TV is one of the great milestones of the 20th century, connecting regions and cultures around the world, besides providing information and entertainment.

Since 1963, TV networks have transmitted images in color, using the American standard (NTSC). However, TV sets were imported and their cost was very high, making it impossible to popularize this new technology, while being restricted to a small group of people.

However, in the late 1960's, this scenario began to change. This fact occurs when a team from IME developed the PAL-M television system, a brazilian color standard, offering high quality and compatibility with the power network frequency adopted in Brazil.

Led by a Military Engineer, Major Alcyone Fernandes de Almeida Júnior, Professor and Researcher at IME, the team developed this genuinely Brazilian solution allowing the implementation of a national industry capable of manufacturing color televisions and, fundamentally, at affordable prices.

The development of the PAL-M system for color TV allowed Brazil to have its own technology, reliable and adequate to the Brazilian reality, capable of guaranteeing quality in the generation, transmission and reception of television signals, promoting an effective national integration, from the low cost of colored devices produced by the national industry and the universal access facilitated by the new system.

In 1972, there was the first official transmission using the PAL-M system. From this historic milestone, Brazilians had access to a technology that revolutionized Brazilian TV, demonstrating the innovative capacity of national engineering. Professor Alcyone reached the rank of Colonel and his brilliant trajectory crosses time and continues to serve as an example and motivation for the new generations of Military Engineers.

Source: IME's photo collection.
Source: IME's photo collection.
Source: BAUDATV Channel - Youtube.
Source: IME TV Channel - Youtube.

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